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Does iPhone 12 Pro Have eSIM?

Unlock the full potential of your iPhone 12 Pro with our guide on eSIM compatibility and setup!


The iPhone 12 Pro supports eSIM, enabling users to activate a cellular plan without a physical SIM card. This feature allows for dual-SIM capabilities, offering flexibility in managing personal and work numbers or while traveling. Activation involves scanning a QR code or manually entering details provided by the carrier. However, eSIM support and activation processes vary across different carriers and regions.

For a detailed guide on activating and managing eSIM on the iPhone 12 Pro, including its benefits and limitations, continue reading below.


The iPhone 12 Pro, part of Apple’s 12th generation lineup, stands out with its advanced features. As a pivotal device in Apple’s transition to 5G, the iPhone 12 Pro offers notable upgrades in performance and connectivity.

iPhone 12 Pro eSIM Compatible

Understanding eSIM Technology

Embedded SIM (eSIM) technology is a digital SIM enabling users to activate cellular plans without a physical SIM card. This innovative feature simplifies switching between carriers and managing multiple phone numbers.

eSIM Compatibility in iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro fully supports eSIM, alongside a nano-SIM, making it a dual-SIM device. This capability allows users to use two different phone numbers for personal, work, or travel purposes.

Activating eSIM on iPhone 12 Pro

To activate an eSIM on your iPhone 12 Pro, follow these general steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “Cellular.”
  3. Select “Add Cellular Plan.”
  4. Use your iPhone’s camera to scan the QR code provided by your carrier. If you don’t have a QR code, you can enter the details manually by tapping “Enter Details Manually.”
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Remember, you’ll need an activated plan from your carrier to use the eSIM. The availability and activation process can vary depending on the carrier, so it’s recommended to check with them for specific instructions.

Benefits and Limitations of eSIM iPhone 12 Pro

The benefits of eSIM in the iPhone 12 Pro include:

  1. Dual SIM Capability: Allows for two different phone numbers on a single device, useful for separating personal and work calls or for international travel.
  2. Convenience: Simplifies the process of switching between carriers and plans without needing a physical SIM card.
  3. Space-Efficiency: Eliminates the need for a physical SIM slot, contributing to a more compact and streamlined phone design.

The limitations include:

  1. Carrier Support: Not all carriers support eSIM, limiting its usefulness in some regions or with certain service providers.
  2. Setup Complexity: Initially setting up eSIM can be more complex than traditional SIM cards, especially if manual entry of plan details is required.
  3. Device Compatibility: eSIM support is limited to specific models and generations, potentially excluding users with older or incompatible devices.


The iPhone 12 Pro’s support for eSIM technology offers both convenience and flexibility, allowing for dual SIM usage and easy carrier switching. However, its practicality is subject to carrier support and can involve a complex setup process. This feature underscores the iPhone 12 Pro’s position as a forward-thinking, versatile device in today’s connected world.

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FAQ Of iPhone 12 Pro eSIM Compatible

How do I enable eSIM on my iPhone 12 Pro?

To enable eSIM on your iPhone 12 Pro, go to Settings, tap Cellular, then select “Add Cellular Plan”. Scan the QR code provided by your carrier or enter the details manually to add the eSIM.

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