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What is eUICC?

eUICC, which stands for embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card, refers to a key component of the eSIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) that enables remote provisioning and management of cellular network profiles.

What is eUICC

The eUICC software runs on a UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) and allows multiple network profiles to be stored, switched between, and managed over-the-air without physically changing SIM cards. This provides great flexibility for consumers to change providers and for IoT devices to connect to different networks as needed.

How eUICC Works

An eUICC contains the same functionality and security as a conventional SIM card. However, it enhances SIM capabilities by:

  • Enabling secure storage of multiple cellular network profiles
  • Allowing profiles to be remotely provisioned and managed over-the-air
  • Supporting secure switching between stored operator profiles without physically changing SIM cards

Profile Management

eUICC SIMs can store multiple operator profiles, with each profile containing the subscription data and authentication details required to access that network. Only one profile is active at a time.

New profiles can be downloaded over-the-air and set as the active profile. This allows consumers to easily switch networks and IoT devices to connect to different operators as required.

eUICC Service Benefits

Using eUICC SIMs and eSIM connectivity architecture provides valuable benefits:

  • Flexibility – Devices can connect to different networks by downloading and activating profiles
  • Convenience – No need to physically access devices to insert new SIMs
  • Future-proofing – Devices can take advantage of new networks and agreements

So in summary, eUICC brings the power of remote profile switching to empower consumers and unlock the potential of IoT.

Lila Bennett

Lila Bennett

Lila Bennett, with 10+ years in eSIM tech, specializes in mobile connectivity solutions. She offers end-to-end eSIM services, from setup to support, for both businesses and consumers. Need eSIM integration or advice? Contact Lila anytime for expert assistance.