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What is Local Profile Assistant?

The Local Profile Assistant (LPA) is a key component in the GSMA Consumer Remote SIM Provisioning architecture. It is responsible for managing Profiles locally on a device and enabling end user control.

Overview of LPA

The LPA is essentially the interface between the end user and the embedded SIM (eUICC) in a device. Its main functions are:

  • Downloading Profile packages from the network to the eUICC
  • Providing local management capabilities via a user interface
    • Enabling/disabling Profiles
    • Deleting Profiles
    • Displaying Profile information
  • Interacting with the Subscription Manager – Discovery Service (SM-DS) to check for pending network operations

The LPA may be implemented in software on the device platform, within the eUICC firmware itself, or potentially span both.

What is Local Profile Assistant

Responsibilities of the LPA

As the key link to end user control, the LPA handles a number of important tasks:

  • Communicating with SM-DP+ server to download Profiles
  • Installing downloaded Profiles on the eUICC
  • Polling the SM-DS to check for pending network commands
  • Allowing users to switch enabled Profiles
  • Securing access to sensitive operations

Local Profile Assistant is also tasked with presenting a user interface for managing Profiles and aiding in discovery/activation flows. This includes functionality like scanning QR codes that initiate the download process.

Relation to Overall Architecture

The LPA features in the Consumer architecture for eSIM along with the:

  • SM-DP+ (Subscription Manager – Data Preparation+)
  • SM-DS (Subscription Manager – Discovery Server)
  • eUICC (Embedded UICC)

It provides the necessary portal to enable user control over Profiles within the technical framework defined by GSMA.

The role filled by Local Profile Assistant helps bridge the network and user domains in a secure, standardised manner. It is an integral component that enables the Consumer eSIM vision.

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