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What is Remote SIM Provisioning?

Remote SIM provisioning is a specification developed by the GSM Association (GSMA) that enables consumers to remotely activate a SIM card embedded in a device like a smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet.

The specification allows users to choose and connect to mobile networks through the SIM in their device over-the-air, without needing to physically insert a new SIM card. This aims to simplify connectivity across multiple devices using one subscription.

What is Remote SIM Provisioning

How Remote SIM Provisioning Works

When remote SIM provisioning is initiated on a device, a Local Profile Assistant (LPA) software contacts a subscription manager (SM) server over the internet using HTTPS. The LPA validates the SM’s certificate and sets up a secure channel between the device’s embedded SIM (eSIM) and SM.

The LPA then requests available carrier profiles from the SM either using an activation code or the eSIM’s unique ID. The SM encrypts the carrier profile so that only the eSIM can decrypt and install it, keeping the network authentication key secure.

Once installed, the eSIM connects to the chosen mobile network and activates service on the device. Users can switch networks by repeating the provisioning process.

Benefits of Remote SIM Provisioning

Some key benefits of remote SIM provisioning include:

  • Flexibility: Users can easily switch mobile networks on a device over-the-air.
  • Convenience: Managing connectivity across multiple devices is simplified with one subscription.
  • Security: Profiles are encrypted end-to-end during provisioning.
  • IoT applications: Streamlines deploying and managing massive numbers of connected devices.

So in summary, remote SIM provisioning enables convenient and secure cellular connectivity across devices using removable SIMs activated remotely over-the-air.

Lila Bennett

Lila Bennett

Lila Bennett, with 10+ years in eSIM tech, specializes in mobile connectivity solutions. She offers end-to-end eSIM services, from setup to support, for both businesses and consumers. Need eSIM integration or advice? Contact Lila anytime for expert assistance.