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eSIM for International Travel

Where are you traveling next?

United States flag
United States
From $5 USD
Japan flag
From $5 USD
Thailand flag
From $8 USD
United Kingdom flag
United Kingdom
From $5 USD
Israel flag
From $7 USD
South Korea flag
South Korea
From $9.5 USD
United Arab Emirates flag
United Arab Emirates
From $12 USD
Andorra flag
From $4.5 USD
Global flag
From $49 USD

Popular eSIM offers

TH flag
Thailand 50GB 10Days With Calls
$8 USD
JP flag
Japan 20GB 30Days
$24 USD
GB flag
United Kingdom 10GB 7Days
$8.5 USD
KR flag
South Korea Daily 2GB 5Days
$9.5 USD
US flag
United States 20GB 30Days
$24.5 USD
$28 USD
ID flag
Indonesia 10GB 30Days
$14 USD
AE flag
United Arab Emirates 10GB 30Days
$40 USD
AD flag
Andorra 10GB 30Days
$16.5 USD
$21 USD
europe flag
Europe 12GB 14Days With Calls
$31 USD

How eSIMX work

Step 1

Check your phone is compatible with eSIM

Before you purchase, make sure that your smartphone supports eSIM You can find a list of supported smartphones here
Step 2

Choose your package

Order eSIM data plan according to your destination country. Whencompleting the order, you will receive an email with your order details
Step 3

Get eSIM QR Code

Open the file attached to your confirmation email, where you can find the Esim QR code along with your eSIM installation guide.
Step 4

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code you have received using your eSIM compatible device and you are good to go!

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Hundreds of happy eSIM customers

Edward Choi
I was waiting for eSim for long time. And now you can buy it even at sea, like me! That’s great! All was without any problems, internet is as usual working OK.
Eugene Pasechnikov
The delivery is instant, and the setup is easy to follow. Overall, it is a very good experience to me.
Viktoriya Belfer
Super easy to buy and set it up. Just scanned the QR code for the eSIM and my phone was connected to the network. Great option for travelers to get connectivity at a reasonable price.
Emanuela Salermo
I have used your Sim for my trip to the USA! I recommend it 100%. Thank you very much for your service.