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eSIM iPhone

eSIM iPhone

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List of eSIM Compatible iPhone

Check which iPhone supports eSIM
iPhone Model eSIM Support Maximum number of eSIMs
iPhone 15 Pro MaxYes20
iPhone 15 ProYes20
iPhone 15Yes20
iPhone 15 MiniYes20
iPhone 14 Pro MaxYes20
iPhone 14 ProYes20
iPhone 14 PlusYes20
iPhone 14Yes20
iPhone 13 Pro MaxYes20
iPhone 13 ProYes20
iPhone 13 MiniYes20
iPhone 13Yes20
iPhone SE (3rd gen)Yes20
iPhone 12 Pro MaxYes20
iPhone 12 ProYes20
iPhone 12 MiniYes20
iPhone 12Yes20
iPhone SE (2nd gen)Yes20
iPhone 11 Pro MaxYes20
iPhone 11 ProYes20
iPhone 11Yes20
iPhone XRYes20
iPhone XS MaxYes20
iPhone XSYes20
iPhone XNo0
iPhone 8 PlusNo0
iPhone 8No0
iPhone 7 PlusNo0
iPhone 7No0
iPhone SE (1st gen)No0
iPhone 6s PlusNo0
iPhone 6sNo0
iPhone 6 PlusNo0
iPhone 6No0
iPhone 5sNo0
iPhone 5cNo0
iPhone 5No0
iPhone 4SNo0
iPhone 4No0
iPhone 3GSNo0
iPhone 3GNo0
iPhone (Original)No0

Blog About eSIM iPhone

Does iPhone have esim? How to activate eSIM on iPhone? Here, eSIMX tell you!

FAQ About eSIM on iPhone

An eSIM (Embedded SIM) in an iPhone is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan without the need for a physical SIM card. It’s built into the iPhone and can be used alongside a physical SIM in dual-SIM models.
You can check if your iPhone has eSIM by going to the “Settings” app, selecting “General,” and then “About.” If “Digital SIM” or “eSIM” is listed, your iPhone supports eSIM.
To convert your SIM card to eSIM, contact your carrier. They will provide instructions and a QR code to scan with your iPhone. This process activates the eSIM with your existing phone number.
Yes, an eSIM can have its own phone number. When you activate an eSIM with a carrier, they assign a phone number to it, just like a traditional SIM card.